Saturday, April 2, 2011


Working life is not easy. Anyway, who ever said it was right? >.< Not been back home for a month already.. but time passes fast here, esp when i'm busy.. Tdm rotation was finally over two weeks ago, I felt like it was the fastest rotation, with so many things to learn, and so many samples to run.. some days, there can be so few samples that we are too free, while other days.. the number of cases just keep adding up.. esp in the late afternoon!! >.< Many nights were spent in the hosp trying to finish up the cases.. But finally it was over!! Well, i thought it was over, but apparently it was not! Audit ppl were coming to visit the hosp, and i was supposed to rescue tdm for another additional 3 days while they were auditing! lol! Now with tdm 14 days oncall, my weekends are filled.. both last week and this week. Been losing weight without even realising it, until my housemate took a good look at me yest and commented, "did you lose weight??!" Plus, its been raining ever so frequently in the past two weeks.. it was even flooded last week.. Getting wet in the rain while walking to the car which was parked kinda far away = cough and cold!! >.< Yx came to visit me this weekend! He made my week :) accompanied me for tdm oncalls yesterday and today! it was sweet :) :) Dinner with Cindy and Nic.. was fun catching up and hanging out with the girls.. having girl talk and talking bout everything :P Entering DIS tmr! hopefully it'l be less hectic and i'll be able to leave work on time! :) :) 7 more months left! counting down the months!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

4 days off work! :)

Din't get to go back to KL for the hari raya hols as i was meeting up with sabrina woon! its been 6 years since we met, and i was so excited to be finally seeing her again..

Wednesday morning, her family was so kind and the drove up from kerteh to KT to fetch me :) i was to stay over at her place till friday, when she left for KL-KK. We had a great time catching up, she was still the same as how i remembered her. :) it was as if we were back to the good old times back in Labuan.

Went to the lovely beach, and then for a nice dinner in a chinese village. :) thursday was spent bowling, shopping as well as just relaxing and having a home cooked meal by aunty. also played rami-O, a new game both sab and aunty taught me :) it was fun!

Friday, we sent her off at the kuantan airport, ran some errands with aunty and uncle, and then back to kerteh to rest, before continuing our 2 hour drive from kerteh to KT. :) Had a great time with them.

saturday, i joined the amazing race organized by the CG. joined edward's group! it was fun and had some good exercise! plus, i got to see their campus (UCSI)! although it was tiring, it was really nice getting to know people from the CG. they were all really nice. :) tmr another working week will start again. am hoping everything wil be alright.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A new chapter of life.

I am finally more settled down here in Kuala Terengganu, thanks to the very nice people here in KT who have been more than welcoming.
I must say that I'm surprised that I actually decided to finally come here, because:

1. I am super super far away from home, that it makes more sense flying back than driving (driving takes 6-7 hours). But, how often can i actually fly? :(
2. I am the only chinese prp from our P107 batch.
3. My dear one is somewhere far as well.

I am really trying to cope my very best. With new housemates, in a whole new place (a place i would never expect myself to be working in), and meeting new people and friends.

God has sent very nice people along my way, to take care of me during this first week. I must admit, it was scary, especially when my family left me in KT last sunday, and i was to live and go through the weeks alone.

I've never been in this kind of a situation before. I guess it is certainly time to grow up and be more independent, enjoying work, and learning from new experiences. I really hope to become a much stronger person after all these.

Am very happy that YX and chan sing came to KT to meet up with me. it was really a pleasant surprise! an unforgetable one.

Tomorrow will be another new week. The thing i'm looking forward to is the weekend! and this week, we only have to work 3 days! :) we have 4 days off for hari raya (including the weekend).

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Challenging times

These past few weeks have been full of assignments and so much work to do!!
Done with CPP essay, Pharm care essay and Primary care essay! :):)
Now finally, its the last one and most... 'challenging one'!
Lols.. been struggling with it for quite some time. What with statistics and all to make me super confused!!

Anyways, last Saturday was the Youth Conference in church by Pastor Roy Todd. It was great. He talked bout faith. Something which i was really lacking, especially right now, it seemed so so evident that i was lacking in my faith in Him! It was a really time message again.

He made this quote 'If you don't see it before you see it, you'll never see it'.

How true, if we don't see it with the eyes of our heart first, we won't be able to see it with our physical eyes!

Another quote was 'You could have what you have in your hand, or you could have what I have in My hand'.

Learnt alot from Ps Todd. He also asked me if i composed songs! lols.. I'm hoping to be able to compose some songs one day! I din't know Ps Todd had composed songs and had albums also! Was so happy that Steven lent me his CD today, the name of it was 'SERENITY'. The songs are great!

Went jogging on the 16th of march with Ying and Suemay to Glasgow Green. We went in our new strathclyde hoodies! Love it! :P It was a lovely day out, the weather was nice, and the scenery was so lovely. Had a great time there and even managed to see new buds growing on the trees and flowers like cherry blossoms growing too :)

Some of the pics taken as Glasgow Green :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chinese New Year is here!!

Biopharm test was finally over last Monday! Whew.. big big relieve.. there were some weird questions and a few which were from the lecture slides which i din't manage to read. So, had to guess the answers!! Feedback was on the same afternoon. Took a rest from studying on that day itself! Was just too tired!

But still had to prepare for LG sharing for tuesday, and I had to prepare it in a day plus. The last time i shared i needed bout 3-4 days!! LOL.. but i managed to finish it! And i think it was okay on Tuesday! thank God! :)

Had to go for the CNY choir thingy on Tues itself, Wed, and Thurs :) Was supposed to sing Gong Xi Gong Xi, Chun Tian You Lai Lo, Xin Nian Lai Lo and Rasa Sayang for the CNY party on Friday!! Imagine me copying all the pin ying for all three chinese songs and trying to memorize them! Din't really know the meaning of most of the words!! And had to keep asking HY and YX! lols... kept practising and practising with HY and SX also!! and it was really funny!! practised until the song was stuck in my head!!

Started my results on Wednesday and Thursday!! Had to try so hard to figure out how to use SPSS, this statistic programme thingy, which is like.. too canggih for me, who is quite blur esp in statistic stuffs.. :S. Kept wondering which test to use for which type of condition, and finally found out:

1. Chi square test: for comparing both binomial variables
2. Man-Whitney test: for comparing binomial and ranked/ordered variables
3. Spearman correlation test: for comparing both ranked/ordered variables

Managed to conduct those tests and contruct tables, and pie charts and graphs!! it was alot of work!!

Wednesday night was night out with the girls! :) Wanted to have dinner at La Tasca before catching Valentine's Day at the cinema, but it was full! Ended up in Lauder's with my mixed grill!! Movie was not very good.. lol.. but got too see my favourite celebrities esp three cute guys!! :) but sadly, one turned out to be a cheater and the other two turned out to be gay! :S what a shame!! :P

Spent Friday morning-noon preparing and cooking the fried mee hoon that we were supposed to bring for the CNY party at the Christian Centre which would start at 6.30 pm. Cooked all the was till 2 plus. After bathing, HY curled my hair while I curled hers and SX's and SX curled NC's. :) all in about 2 hours! :P lols... so ai mei all of us :S

All of us girls looked so pretty in cheongsams/red/pink outfits while the guys looked equally nice in their outfits and some even wore samfu :) It was a great party! there were lots of nice nice food!! was so happy! Those who were serving the food, kept piling different types of food on my plate! It was overflowing!! :) Fried rice, Fried Mee Hoon, Sweet sour pork, Char Siu, Kong Bo chicken, and many other food! Even there were so many types of dessert; Tong Yuen, Red Bean sago, Cincau, and Barley Foo Chuk.

Presentations included a home-made lion dance, a chinese yoyo performance, a flute performance, and a choir singing! lol.. which i was in it! :)

Great party and then Sue May and HY and I left to church for all night prayer meeting! It was from 10pm-5am ! Managed to stay awake, though was fighting to stay awake a few times! Am happy to find my gifting!

Whole of Saturday was spent on my results again!! Had another CNY open house thingy at Ser Yiing's house! Great party and everyone looked lovely in bright red clothings! :) Had a session of Wii at Andrews house while the rest played Blackjack!

Sunday morning! Was baby sitting time! Was so so happy! Baby Daniel is just so guai and cute and adorable!! :) He will just look at your so innocently that you will melt everytime!! :P

Well, thats my one week! A really busy one!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weight of workload :S

The past week has been full of biopharm.
Biopharm in the morning, after lunch, after dinner... its really tiring to have to look at the book although i don't feel like it at all!
Cant wait for biopharm to be over!

I have to use these few days which are left to trust in Him and to build my faith, like what Jace shared in LG yesterday!
Faith is when you cannot do it on your own, but you believe that you'd be able to do it by His grace and strength! YUP!
I have to keep reminding myself of that! :P

7 things on my list, for February, which seems like a pretty busy busy month for me!!

1. So CNY eve dinner will be on the 13th, we're gonna have steamboat! cant wait!

2. Biopharm would be on 15th Feb, 2nd day of Chinese New Year :(

3. I'll be sharing for LG on the 16th Feb

4. Might be catching a movie on the 17th Feb with Ying and some others :)

5. Draft results would be due on 19th Feb, and the Chinese New Year Party will be on the same night, cant wait!

6. Pharm care presentation would be on the 24th Feb, and after that Ying and I plan to babysit! :)

7. CNY dinner at Su Yin's house would be on the 28th Feb, the 15th day of CNY!

Hope the month doesn't pass by too quickly!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not a coincidence

I suddenly realize that everything happens for a purpose, and that nth was ever a coincidence!

Suddenly feel that I just so so small in this world, this universe and the everything is not in my control but rather in His.

It feels so foolish to keep worrying and stressing bout stuff when worrying doesnt even change or help anything!

I should certainly learn how to appreciate and give thanks no matter what the circumstances i am in, for He will turn things into good, and everything happens for a greater purpose!

Note to self: Give thanks in everything!!!

First skiing trip ever!

Was so looking forward to the skiing trip, which was on the 24th Jan. It was postponed so many times! Had been hearing new that weather wasn too good and that roads were closed. Was kinda worried bout it in the beginning, but a few of us prayed for good weather and a safe journey and the weather turned out to be perfect, even better than what we expected! :) was really so so happy and excited! :)

Left from Rottenrow East at 6.30 am! There were 32 of us in total! :) The journey took almost 3 hours and as usual, i was carsick! Managed to tahan all the way until we almost reached, when i threw up in the toilet at the back of the bus! :S But felt so much better after that.. We stopped at the place where we got out skiing and snow boarding equipment. Some of them rented the one-piece ski outfit! :) On the way to the mountain, and in the bus, we saw many Siberian Huskies! They were so so beautiful! :) Apparently there was a sledge race competition held in Aviemore this year!

Me in my skiis!! :P

Finally we reached the foot of the mountain! We had an instructor, and his name was Brian. After more than 2 hours of teaching us how to ski, he let us go off on our own. We took the train up to the top of the mountain, where we found that we couldn't really ski up there, as we were amatuers :P So we came back down and skiied there instead!

All of us outside the restaurant on the top of the mountain!

Me and Mr Chew!

Back at the foot of the mountain, I fell so so many times again and again, and had so much trouble trying to stand back up and to put on the skiis! They were so so heavy! :P But it was so much fun, the snow was lovely and it was white everywhere! The skies were so so clear and the scenery was really beautiful! I was so grateful for the great weather and that everyone was having such a good time! :)

We're skiing!! yay!! :)

On the way back, was so reluctant to leave. hehe!

Women's conference

Women's conference was on the 23rd of January, and was at the Partick Burgh Halls.
It was supposed to start at 9.30 am. But our LG left from TCC at 8 in the morning! :)
Took the subway to Kevinhall and made our way to Partick Halls. :)
Helped out in arranging the chairs and equipment. The guys from church were also there to help us set everything up.
I was playing the piano on that day!
The speaker, Susan Comiskey was from Australia, but was currently staying in Liverpool.
Her message was really relevant, especially to myself. She talked on three main points:

1. Mirror mirror on the wall, emphasazing that we are indeed more beautiful than what we see on the outside, and that each and everyone of us are nique and individul and that we should not compare ourselves to other people for we are special and we are who we are in God. Indeed, it made me realize that we were created by God with love and we are His masterpiece (Eph 2:10)!! :)

2. Shining like stars, emphasazing that we should realize that its not always bout ourselves but our attitude should be towards others, thinking on what we can do for other instead of what others can do for us.

3. Ladies and leadership, emphasizing that we should be a 'whatever it takes girl' and that we should not have fear but instead, faith in Him.

It was a great session and i enjoyed the songs we sang during praise and worship:

1. Where the Spirit of the Lord is
2. The wonder of your love (love this song)
3. So beautiful (love this song too)
4. All of my days
5. Always
6. Be glorified (wasnt really familiar with this song)
7. My beloved

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Its been ages since i posted something, and maybe cuz I just din't feel like it!
Anyways, it is winter now, but the temperature is not as cold as it used to be a few weeks ago. In fact, I think the lowest was about -10 C!
But as for today, its only about 6-7 C :) and I'm happy for that! :) However, it is not snowing anymore, in fact, it is raining now! I can even hear the raindrops on my window!
Loved the snow when it came! It was just so nice to wake up in the morning, open the blinds on the window, look out and see everywhere white and covered it snow! Just like what I always saw in the movies, especially Home Alone!!

I've always wanted a white Christmas! And last year, I really had my very first white Christmas! In fact, it started snowing even before Christmas day itself! It snowed on the 17th Dec in Glasgow, when I was in Belfast!
Truthfully, I was disappointed! However, I was blessed by snow in Dublin, 18th Dec!
Was so so excited and happy! :)

Trip to Belfast and Dublin was great, with great company and beautiful sceneries!
During our one day tour in Belfast, the weather was absolutely gorgeous! Saw the sunrise, at 8.55am, visited the Giant Causeway, the rope bridge and Derry city! Lovely sceneries! I absolutely literally fell in love with it!!

Pictures taken in the Guiness Storehouse, Dublin.

Pictures taken in Dublin

Had a pre-Christmas dinner back in Glasgow on the 22nd of Dec.

Dinner was Great! And there was this really huge turkey! I've never seen such a huge turkey!! :D
After dinner, it was snow time!!! Had so so much fun playing in the snow!!! :)

Then was gift time! There was Secret Santa as well! My Secret Santa was.. RAY! :) And I was Nyuk Cheng's Secret Santa!

Christmas eve dinner was with Ying and house, Yee Xian, Chan Sing and me! Spent almost the whole day baking chocolate cookies! They were very very yummy! And they even had very cute shapes! Thanks to Ying and me! haha! Doreen made the oreo cake! and OXY made mash potato! lovely dinner!

Christmas day was spent in church and then in Sin Yee's home, both lunch and dinner!
The walk from church to Sin Yee's home was really nice, it was white everywhere, we walked through Kevingrove park. Saw the duck in the lake.

Time spent in Sin Yee's place was awesome, and there was also a session of Ligretto and Wii! Was good fun! Plus, got the change to play with baby Daniel. He is just so cute and adorable.
Lunch and dinner was great. Chris and Sin Yee and her housemate were good cooks. I was Pui Ee's Secret Santa!

Boxing day was a day of shopping!!! Ying, Doreen, OXY, Yee Xian and me were off shopping at 9am! :) Lovely day and got good bargains as well.

New Year's eve was spent in church, there was the Ceilidh organised by Isabel and Jim!

Slid down the slope outside TCC last Saturday! with Ying. even made my own snow angel. :)
And then made a cute mini snowman! haha!! super cute!